What Sets Us Apart

Welcome to Southern Smiles, where Dr. Keith M. Long, Dr. Henry Long, Dr. Matthew Sandretti, and our dental team are committed to creating beautiful, healthy teeth for you, so you can smile with confidence. Here, we view our patients like members of our family, developing relationships with them based on trust, openness, and mutual respect. We’d like to establish a relationship like that with you and your family, too.

Our general dentistry practice is focused on providing each person we see with individualized attention, and working with you to find the treatment options that will restore your oral health and your smile. We understand your dental needs are unique to you, and will take into consideration your desired results, clinical requirements, and timeline when we create your treatment plan. It’s important to have you involved in deciding the treatment path: This is your smile and you need to be an active participant in making it beautiful.

At Southern Smiles, we emphasize preventive care, in order to stave off problems before they begin and keep your mouth healthy for the long term. If you have dental issues, we offer the care needed to stop what’s happening and get everything back on track. Of course, we practice only pain-free dentistry, using state-of the-art tools and equipment, which means you will have no discomfort during your procedures.

Everyone on our team understands that some patients have dental-related anxieties. You may even have avoided seeking care for some time, which means you could now be dealing with multiple issues. We are not here to judge if a patient fears going to the dentist. Instead, we will listen, support, and educate, with care proceeding at a rate at which the patient is comfortable.

We offer IV sedation, which means an anxious patient, or someone with disabilities, is able to have dental work done while they’re peacefully sleeping. They wake with no memories of the procedure, and leave smiling.

Our patients tell us that they feel like they are part of our family, and that makes us happy. We will do anything we can to ensure that you feel the same way, at each and every visit. From our welcoming, safe, and relaxed environment to our devotion to your comfort, we want you to know you’re important to us. Should you ever need anything to make a visit more pleasant, all you need do is ask and we’ll make it happen.

We welcome new patients and their families at our Lakeport, CA dental office, and invite you to call to schedule an appointment for a loved one or yourself.

Dr. Keith Long, Dr. Henry Long, Dr. Matthew Sandretti, and our team look forward to meeting you and starting you on the path to optimal oral health and beautifully healthy teeth, so you can smile with confidence.

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